For Buyers

Members of the Stirling Peak Properties team understand that your decision to purchase a home in the Roaring Fork Valley is a monumental one. We’re excited to welcome you into our community and eager to help you navigate all stages of your upcoming transaction. From the moment you put your trust in one of our brokers, and well past the closing table, we’re delighted to be your guide. It is the natural first step of Stirling Peak brokers to get to know their client well – and we don’t just mean having an afternoon coffee or dinner at our favorite local restaurant. At Stirling Peak Properties, we come to truly understand our clients and the needs of their family while getting to know them over coffee at Explore, on the chairlifts of Aspen Mountain or on the trails of the Hunter Creek Valley.


When our brokers and clients formulate a vision of their ideal property, we go to work by researching all potential homes that fit their interests and needs. So when it comes time to shop the market, you’ll only be attending showings that will capture your interest. We make sure to keep you informed during our search, regardless of how long it takes. With active brokers throughout the different communities of the Roaring Fork Valley, we’re always well-informed about the newest properties on the market, often before they’re even listed. Stirling Peak Properties brokers utilize a wealth of networks and resources that reach far beyond the MLS.


When you have found a property and are ready to submit an offer, your Stirling Peak broker will take the lead to effectively negotiate in your favor. Stirling Peak Properties has a great reputation and strong relationships with other offices around the valley, affording us insights that can help us achieve the best possible purchase price. We’ll be there to navigate all of the nuances of the process and help you avoid extra contingencies that could negatively affect the transaction.


It is our goal at Stirling Peak Properties to ensure that you leave the closing table with keys in hand, feeling that the whole process was effortless. We can set up an expert home inspection to ensure that your important purchase will be a smart one and prevent unforeseen repairs that could cost you considerably. We will advise you on what action to take based upon your inspection report and tap into our network of home care professionals to resolve any issues. We’ll work with the title company, your appraiser and lender, and utility companies to ensure a thorough yet efficient inspection and resolution process. Whether you are in Aspen throughout the process or handling the process remotely, we are here to manage the transaction every step of the way.


Over 30+ years representing buyers of Aspen real estate, our team has gotten to know the most effective and reliable mortgage consultants at each of our local financial institutions. Your Stirling Peak broker will be happy to match you with the right professional at the right bank to explore lending options or attain a pre-qualification letter to assist in the purchase of your new property.