Dawnette Smith

Dawnette Smith - Owner/Broker

Certified International Property Specialist • EcoBroker, GRI, CNE
(970) 920-2300 (970) 618-1422 dawnette@stirlingpeak.com

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Dawnette Smith joined Bill Stirling at Stirling Homes, Inc. in 2003, and is one of the founding principals of Stirling Peak Properties.  Dawnette is best described as a ‘dynamo’ due to her incredible energy, exceptional follow-through, and passion for the mountain lifestyle.  Just as likely to be seen in full hunting regalia as a business suit and stilettos, Dawnette exemplifies the modern-day Aspen professional who is ambitious in both career and recreation.  Dawnette is a Certified International Property Specialist with Transnational Referral Certification.  As a member of the CIPS network, Dawnette has completed extensive coursework and is an active member of its expansive global network of international real estate experts, which allows her to handle the intricacies of international transactions with ease.

“Interacting with people who want to make this world and valley a wonderful place to live and grow is always at the forefront of my mind. My diverse past, appreciation of the present, and excitement for a balanced future are values that I hold strong.   Raised close to the land on a ranch and farm in North Dakota, 30 miles south of the Canadian border, emphasized the importance of a sense of place and connection. My parents and neighbors instilled responsibility to the land and the community that surrounds it. I learned how essential a strong work ethic is to doing each job correctly and how much it contributes to a successful and enjoyable life. I do not want to give the impression that all I do is work; I am perfectly amenable to jumping on my dirt bike and heading into the hills or taking my snowboard out on a powder day.   I moved to Aspen, Colorado in December 1998 on an aviation internship with Air Wisconsin, the commuter sub-contractor for United Airlines. After one season, I knew Aspen was home. A management opportunity of a Red Mountain estate, involving upkeep of the property, floral arrangements and acting as the impresario for gala events hosted by the owners, provided a professional opportunity to settle in Aspen for an indefinite period. Going back to the family farm in North Dakota each fall for hunting season and to help drive combines for the harvest is important to me, but I am grateful to be living in such a beautiful place with such a strong emphasis on recreation, culture, and the arts.  

In 2003, I expanded my horizons and began working as a broker associate, property manager, and rental director at Stirling Homes, Inc., a long-standing and highly respected real estate company in Aspen. I became a partner in the small, dynamic business that emphasized customer satisfaction with its diligent follow-through, personalized service, and broad experience and knowledge of the sales and rental markets. I had the good fortune to be mentored by the founder of Stirling Homes, Bill Stirling, a former mayor who has dedicated his adult life to the preservation of Aspen’s rich history. He has definitely helped shape my professional foundation.   Though my long-term aspirations continue to evolve, the professional goals at Stirling Peak Properties are: helping sellers get the best, most appropriate buyer and the best price the market can bear; helping buyers become part of the dream that is living in the Roaring Fork Valley; and matching tenants with the perfect Aspen rental property.

Capitalizing on development opportunities in the growing markets of North Dakota as well as the Roaring Fork Valley has helped diversify my professional life. I provide clients with a broad view on the real estate industry translating into a unique approach to opportunities in the market. I have recently assembled a talented group of local professionals; together we are collaboratively envisioning, designing and building single-family homes and multi-family developments. The team’s core are long-standing partners in a wastewater operation in Williston, North Dakota that we built and have successfully operated since 2013. All of these projects have proven to be inspiring and rewarding on many levels.

Incorporating international travel into my business life has become another strong interest that supports diversity. Travel has transformed from a passion to an essential component of my existence and has broadened my understanding of different ways of life. Being immersed in foreign cultures has expanded my ideas, thoughts and beliefs; and has inspired a deeper understanding and absorption of alternative environments and how other people think. This enables me to integrate new concepts and procedures into my daily business life. Learning while traveling allows me to put into practice new insights gleaned from an array of unfamiliar experiences, enabling me to handle unexpected circumstances and overcome everyday challenges. 

The Roaring Fork Valley has exceptional young leaders and professionals. Balancing a professional mountain lifestyle with the various activities and events that are constantly happening here is challenging; yet this is the reason we live here and reaffirms my decision to make the Roaring Fork Valley my home. I have been able to bring my unique perspective and personality to everything I do from my diverse background and experiences.

As a resident of the valley since 1998, I am excited to continue contributions to my community and business through sharing my energy, focus and experiences.   I am reliable and pride myself on follow up. I welcome challenges. I take responsibility for my actions and work hard to do my utmost to make all participants in any transaction feel fantastic about the outcome. I am always analyzing ways to stay balanced between building my businesses, traveling, and participating in the diverse Aspen lifestyle. This ideal will continue to contribute to the strong foundation I have already created.

My hobbies (past & present) include international and domestic travel, flying airplanes, chopping wood, sky diving, reading, dirt biking, sitting by a camp fire, rock climbing, hiking, snowmobiling, boating, entertaining friends & family, remodeling, planning my future, broadening my world view, listening to live music, reading a book on the beach, arranging flowers, gardening, hunting, yoga, scuba diving, deep sea and fly fishing.”