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Aspen Property Management Builds Team

New Managers at Stirling Management

In 2014 we added two team members to the Stirling Management family – Laura Edgar as Operations Manager and Konstantin Nesvat as Field Manager. They have been instrumental in sustaining, and even improving, our impeccable quality of service. This is essential as our client base and their unique needs grow and evolve.

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter comes by storm in Aspen, Colorado. Before you know it, the first frost has turned into feet of snow. This makes winter home maintenance and preparation imperative. Below are some of the items Stirling Management performs as part of their property management services – and things you can do for your own property.

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Fall Tips and Reminders

Winter is on the horizon here in the Rocky Mountains.  With temps dropping below freezing at night its important to get your Aspen home ready for winter now.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare.
-Have your heating system inspected and serviced
-Change furnace filters
-Drain sprinklers
-Drain exterior hose bibs and faucets.  If you leave the hose bib active during the winter make sure the hose is not left attached to it
-Wrap your trees to prevent deer and other animals from eating the bark
-Clear gutters and downspouts of debris so water can flow freely
-Have your chimney cleaned and inspected
-Adjust and replace weather-stripping on exterior doors
-Have your heat tape / under roof heating system inspected for proper function and don’t forget to turn on the time clocks
-Have your roof inspected

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Preventing Aspen Bear Break-Ins

This time of year in Aspen bear break-ins are common.

The difference between an exclusive rental agent and a property manager

Often people perceive rental and property management services to be one and the same.  This is a common misconception.  So what is the difference between an exclusive ren

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