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March in Aspen - Kellen's Favorites


March in Aspen Highlands Bowl

March has arrived with over three feet of snow and now some gorgeous sunny weather. Below are a few of Kellen Porter's favorite ways to spend time in the spring.

February in Aspen - Bill's Favorites

february activites in Aspen


Below are Bill Stirling's favorite local activities for the final days of February.

Enhancing the International Image of Stirling Peak - Bill Stirling Revisits Africa

It has been over 50 years since our partner, Bill Stirling, took a Peace Corps assignment in rural Kenya. Just outside the village of Sotik, he spent two years working with the million acre scheme, funded by the World Bank, and his job was to resettle landless Kenyan farmers on the old European large scale farms.  He was part of the Kenya Peace Corps effort, and lived and worked with the Kipsigis tribe and herdspeople, in Western Kenya, just north of the Masai Mara plains.  The volunteers learned Kiswahil, a lengue franc spoken from the eastern Congo to Zanzibar, which he spoke daily for the two year period, and amazingly, his ability to converse in Swahili returned, which was like an entrée or passport into a myriad of situations, that otherwise, would have been out of bounds. Five decades later, he returned.

Habitat for Humanity in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley

Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley

Most people think about third-world countries and poverty when Habitat for Humanity is mentioned. Or they recall an incredible piece of used furniture they bought at the ReStore in Glenwood Springs. The reality is Habitat for Humanity is changing the lives of families that live right here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Habitat for Humanity Home Owners

Aspen Property Management Builds Team

New Managers at Stirling Management

In 2014 we added two team members to the Stirling Management family – Laura Edgar as Operations Manager and Konstantin Nesvat as Field Manager. They have been instrumental in sustaining, and even improving, our impeccable quality of service. This is essential as our client base and their unique needs grow and evolve.