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Formerly known as Stirling Homes, Inc., Stirling Management is a subsidiary of Stirling Peak Properties and a boutique management company established in 1978. As seasoned industry veterans, we know exactly what it takes to protect your investment so you can relax, and appreciate your time in Aspen, Colorado. Combine that with a deep dedication to personal service, a work ethic that never stops, and the goal of exceeding all expectations – and you have an ideal partner to help you enjoy your home, enjoy your life, and enjoy your Aspen.

Our Philosophy – “Oil it before it squeaks”

Sustainable, preventative maintenance and service is the keystone of the Stirling Management philosophy. Our goal is to act in the best interest of our clients with a long-term vision – always forward thinking and anticipating the unique needs of their lifestyle and property. 

Join the Stirling Management Family

Becoming a Stirling Management client is much more than signing an agreement. It means embarking on a long-term relationship, a partnership that is founded on trust and commitment. It means resting well knowing that your investment is in good hands. It means having someone to rely on, like you would your closest friends and family. And most importantly it means maximizing the enjoyment of your precious time in Aspen, Colorado.

The Team

The keys to our success come from the three partners, Bill Stirling, Travis Bourgeois and Dawnette Smith, and their extensive experience in the property management, maintenance and real estate business. Their strengths seamlessly complement one another in their diverse roles within the organization.

Please contact us. It would be a pleasure to discuss how we can work together.

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