Global Partnership

Leverage Logo_Large copySimply put, we love our small, independent team and spirit at Stirling Peak Properties. We just aren’t willing to give that up. But in order to compete in our ever-changing industry that is largely made up of international companies with deep pockets and big resources – we aligned with Leverage Global Partners as the exclusive Aspen, Colorado location.

What does this partnership mean for you, our valued clients? It means we are backed by an international network of prestigious independent real estate companies and a team that empowers us through advanced technology, agile marketing strategies, and entrepreneurial connectivity.


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Exposure through Technology
The Leverage’s robust, mobile-friendly website will display your property listing to not only their network of 5,000+ agents but to thousands of consumers as well. Leverage also embraces, and stays on the cutting edge of, the dynamic world of social media – pushing your properties on channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to over 45,000 followers and fans. In addition, they are proudly aligned with international media channels like The Wall Street Journal and New York Times that get over 26 million combined monthly page views.

While we are out helping our clients buy and sell property, our team at Leverage is living and breathing real estate marketing all day, every day. They are on top of the latest trends in communication strategies, design, and of course the accompanying technology.

Being part of the Leverage network means having over 5,000 agents across the globe in our back pocket. Many of these brokers are in markets that feed Aspen – providing connection to potential buyers for your property.

Leverage offers a wealth of top-performing training programs for brokers and owners to continually educate ourselves about best practices, trends, and evolution of the real estate industry.

It is an honor to be selected by Leverage as one of the best independent brokerage firms around the world. Our intention for this partnership is to elevate our service standard as well as the global real estate community. If you have any questions please feel free to visit the Leverage website or contact your broker directly.